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Eight Terrapin programs have combined to win a total of 44 national championships for the University of Maryland. The Terrapins' winning tradition (in the NCAA) started in 1953 when the Maryland football team was declared National Champions. Most recently, the women's lacrosse team added its 14th national title and the men's lacrosse team won its 12th national title in 2017. The field hockey program boasts eight national titles. Maryland is one of just two schools in history to have won the NCAA championship in both men's and women's basketball. 

Maryland's tradition of winning NCAA national championships began with football. Under the guidance of head coach Jim Tatum, the Terrapins won their first national championship in 1953 in a record of 10-1.

Head coach Gary Williams' men's basketball team captured the 2002 NCAA title by defeating Indiana 64-52. The Terps finished the season with a 32-4 record, the best winning percentage in school history (.889).

Under head coach Brenda Frese and a talented group of young players, the Maryland women's basketball team won the 2006 NCAA championship by defeating Duke in thrilling overtime battle 78-75 and finished the year ranked number one in the nation for the first time in the program's history.

Head Coach Sasho Cirovski led the men's soccer team to two NCAA national titles in four years. The Terps defeated New Mexico in the 2005 finals 1-0 and captured the 2008 title by defeating North Carolina 1-0.

Maryland owns three NCAA titles in men's lacrosse, most recently capturing the championship with a 9-6 win over Ohio State in 2017 under head coach John Tillman. The Terps won the tournament in 1973 after capping a perfect season (defeated Johns Hopkins, 10-9 in overtime) and also winning in 1975 by defeating Navy, 20-13 in the title game. The Terps won USILA national titles nine times, including back-to-back titles in 1936-37 and 1955-56.

Women's lacrosse has a total of 13 NCAA national championships. The first NCAA title was won in 1986 and a title in 1992 was followed by seven consecutive titles from 1995-2001. Maryland returned the title to College Park in 2010 with a 13-11 win over Northwestern. The Terps then won three titles in a span of four years (2014, 2015, 2017) to reclaim their dominance at the top of women's lacrosse landscape.

1986 Def. Penn State, 11-10
1992 Def. Harvard, 11-10 (OT)
1995 Def. Princeton, 13-5
1996 Def. Virginia, 10-5
1997 Def. Loyola (Md.), 8-7
1998 Def. Virginia, 11-5
1999 Def. Virginia, 16-6
2000 Def. Princeton, 16-8
2001 Def. Georgetown, 14-13 (OT)
2010 Def. Northwestern, 13-11 
2014 Def. Syracuse, 15-12 
2015 Def. North Carolina, 9-8
2017 Def. Boston College, 16-13

The competitive cheer team captured their fourth title in five years by winning the 2010 NCA all-girl national championship.

Head field hockey coach Missy Meharg had led Maryland to seven of its eight National Championships. The Terps won consecutive NCAA titles in 2010 and 2011, defeating North Carolina both times by identical 3-2 scores.

 national championships
Year Sport Head Coach
2017 Men's Lacrosse John Tillman
2017 Women's Lacrosse Cathy Reese
2015 Women's Lacrosse Cathy Reese
2014 Women's Lacrosse Cathy Reese
2011 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
2010 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
2010 Women's Lacrosse Cathy Reese
2010 Competitive Cheer (NCA) Jarnelle Barnes
2008 Men's Soccer Sasho Cirovski
2008 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
2008 Competitive Cheer (NCA) Jarnelle Barnes
2007 Competitive Cheer (NCA) Jarnelle Barnes
2006 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
2006 Competitive Cheer (NCA) Lura Fleece
2006 Women's Basketball Brenda Frese
2005 Men's Soccer Sasho Cirovski
2005 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
2002 Men's Basketball Gary Williams
2001 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
2000 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1999 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1999 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
1998 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1997 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1996 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1995 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1993 Field Hockey Missy Meharg
1992 Women's Lacrosse Cindy Timchal
1987 Field Hockey Sue Tyler
1986 Women's Lacrosse Sue Tyler
1981 Women's Lacrosse (AIWA) Sue Tyler
1975 Men's Lacrosse Bud Beardmore
1973 Men's Lacrosse Bud Beardmore
1968 Men's Soccer Doyle Royal
1967 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) John Howard
1959 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1956 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1955 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1953 Football John Tatum
1940 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1939 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1937 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1936 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber & Al Heagy
1928 Men's Lacrosse (USILA) Jack Faber